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ER Star Goran Visnjic Adopts a Baby Boy

NBC’s “ER” star Goran Visnjic has been caught up in the plight of a sexy Croatian actress who claims he is her husband. In the ensuing court battle, Visnjic is awash in scandal. Among other things, he claimed to have a child with her despite his wife Ivana Vrdoljak denying the claim. He also made the mistake of not traveling to Zagreb for a DNA test. The result was a flurry of articles and a slew of rumours.

While the actor swore he would never pick up a gun again, he is now in the armed forces. This is despite being a member of the Yugoslavian People’s Army (YNA) at one point. His brother volunteered to fill his quota. However, when it came to the actual fight, the duo were not on each other’s side.

The actor and his wife Eva have been supporting a good cause: the Critters of the Wild. Their efforts include raising funds for the charity. They have even contributed to a PETA billboard campaign in eastern Europe. They also volunteered to help raise money for Josh and his critters.

The ER aficionado may be interested to learn that the actor and his wife have recently adopted a baby boy. As a part of the adoption, the duo had the aforementioned horoscope. Aside from the requisite monthly child support, the couple also agreed to the aforementioned t-shirts. Having a baby is a big deal for them. Earlier this year, they accompanied their son on his first birthday celebration, which was a nod to the family’s Croatian heritage.

Although it’s hard to believe that this particular act is a feat of luck, it is not. It turns out that the actor’s mother Ivana Vrdoljak is an accomplished sculptor. She is also a daughter of film director Antun Vrdoljak. And while this is not a common occurrence for many Hollywood couples, the Visnjics seem to have a penchant for it. Despite the controversy surrounding their romance, the duo have managed to make their home in Los Angeles.

In the grand scheme of things, the actor’s most significant achievements have not come to light. While he has certainly had his share of ups and downs, he has been on the right track in recent years. Besides his role in NBC’s long-running medical drama ER, he has also been a spokesperson for IFAW, the International Fund for Animal Welfare, in a bid to protect whales and fur bearing seals.

As for the small matter of the name, the actor has a big scar from a gastric ulcer surgery. Having a child is not without its challenges, but it does not seem like the Visnjics have given up hope of ever having the family of their dreams. With the latest court ruling, it seems the two are a step closer to realizing their dream. Hopefully, they can find some semblance of normalcy and enjoy their newfound freedom. Until then, keep in mind that a mate who swore he had a child with you may be a tad unimpressed.

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