Big Family Little Farmhouse Controversy

The Big Family Little Farmhouse Controversy

The big family little farmhouse controversy has gripped the Internet over the last couple months. While the property has been sold to the children of Matt and Amy Roloff, there are still major issues to be tackled. Not to mention the fact that a certain Mr. slouching former Mr. Roloff has been spotted on the internet more than a few times. With so much at stake, it seems a little like the best laid plans have been dashed.

For the uninitiated, the big family little farmhouse may be a distant dream, but it’s no longer a distant dream for Audrey and her kin. Despite her own snorts of envy, her husband, Jeremy, has been hard at work improving her home on a budget. After all, a nicer place to live is more important than a swanky new set of digs.

While she’s not the biggest fan of HGTV, Audrey still has a soft spot for the network that helped shape her. This is especially true after her marriage, which was a tumultuous affair. As she gets closer to her wedding anniversary, it’s clear that her and Jeremy aren’t quite as close as they once were. Still, a happy household is a happy household. Having said that, the Big Family little farmhouse isn’t for the faint of heart. So, when the dust settles, what will be left of the Big Family little farm? Hopefully, the magic will be restored and the family will reunite soon. In the meantime, all the family can take a break from the drudgery of the daily grind.

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