Miracase Car Phone Mount

Miracase Car Phone Mount

The Miracase car phone mount is an excellent way to store and protect your cell phone while driving. It is designed with your safety in mind and is compatible with most vehicles. Moreover, it is easy to install, remove, and store your phone. It can accommodate up to three cell phones at the same time. Its sturdy design and simple operation make it a great accessory for any car.

The Miracase car phone mount comes with a number of accessories. These include a MagSafe Car Mount, Air Vent Clip, Dashboard Stick-on Base, 3 x Metal Ring, 2 x Round PE films, User Manual, Match-up Card, and a 12-month warranty.

Another great feature of the Miracase car phone mount is its adjustable foot. This allows you to use it for any type of phone, from large to small. The universal design also allows you to use this phone mount with a variety of electronics. The mount also features a locking nut for added security. This means that your phone will never fall off your mount again.

While buying a miracase car phone mount, you should carefully consider its features. Make sure it is easy to install, durable, and easy to use. In addition, you should check the warranty policy to see whether it covers replacement of a faulty product. If you need to return a damaged phone, a warranty will give you peace of mind.

The Miracase car phone mount is designed to fit the vast majority of mobile phones in the market. It also features a locking system to ensure that your device does not fall during bumpy rides. It also features an adjustable clamp arm and a quick release button for quick removal. The Miracase car phone mount is designed to be compatible with most car vents.

The Miracase magnetic car phone mount has 16 N52 magnets which provide super strong suction power. This mount can support up to 14 phone weights, ensuring that your phone remains in place while you’re driving. It also offers a closed magnetic field that does not interfere with the cell phone signal or its wireless charging function.

The Miracase car phone mount has three different mounting options: dashboard, vent, and windshield. The Miracase car phone mount is also versatile, accommodating many different phone sizes and thick cases. It also features a notch that lets you easily plug in a charging cable. This car phone mount will not damage your dashboard or any other surfaces in your car.

To install the Miracase car phone mount, simply unfasten the nut2 on the end of the clip and stretch the metal hook until it reaches the maximum length. Once you’ve positioned it correctly, simply press the button to open the clip. The metal hook will clamp onto the air vent blade. Make sure that the blade is on the top, not the bottom.

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