Michael Peterson Books In Order

Michael Peterson Books in Order – Beyond the Staircase, A Time of War, and Atman: A Novel About Evil

Michael Peterson has become an immensely popular personality through social media and YouTube, where his presence is regularly showcased. Best known for his multi-million copy bestseller 12 Rules for Life and series of controversial videos about gender pronouns, Peterson is equally famed for his writings that go far beyond foundational life strategies and principles to explore philosophy and ethics in depth – such as his 12 Rules series.

Michael Peterson may be best known as the man responsible for Kathleen Peterson’s murder; however, many may not realize he has also written several books on his own as an author both prior and after her death – offering insight into this complicated case that remains unsolved.

This collection primarily contains correspondence and writings pertaining to three of Peterson’s novels written during his service in the Marine Corps – Charlie Two Shoes and Marines of Love Company, A Time of War, and The Immortal Dragon – as well as handwritten and typed drafts of these works. Furthermore, there are writings produced as journalist at Duke University by Peterson as well as copies of The Duke Chronicle, his student newspaper that was bound together.

Peterson has not only chronicled his personal experiences in Vietnam with novels but has also published some nonfiction works, including Beyond the Staircase, his memoir about being charged as an accused in Kathleen’s murder trial in 2019. Through this book he explores how this event changed both his views of society and relationships within his family.

Following the debut of Netflix’s The Staircase, more people than ever are curious to hear what Michael Peterson has to say. While viewers of the show may perceive Peterson as sympathetic character bewildered by events leading to his wife’s murder, those who read his books will likely discover an entirely different individual: they paint an accurate portrayal of him as a psychopath who has committed terrible acts in his lifetime.

While Peterson may never publish another novel under his own name, he attempted fiction again with this new work released in 2020: ATMAN: A Novel About Evil. This work explores a man possessed by some form of dark force; while some may appreciate this novella’s dark and twisty tone, others might find it too intense or distasteful; ultimately though it makes for compelling reading that will leave readers wanting more!

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