Sonia And Fyza Before Plastic Surgery

Sonia and Fyza Before Plastic Surgery

Sonia and Fyza Ali, also known by their moniker SoniaxFyza, are two Dubai-based sisters with a passion for makeup who have garnered massive following on Instagram with beauty tips, tutorials and recreating makeup look videos. However, recently they have come under scrutiny due to resemblances with Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner; even being accused of racism by some while changing accents to sound’more UAE’. These sisters have now pledged their allegiance for what they believe in.

SoniaxFyza have become widely known as one of the pioneering women to take social media by storm in Middle Eastern countries. Their initial posts included handy makeup tips and recreating look videos. Since then, their pioneering work has set an example for other Middle Eastern influencers to follow suit.

At first, their success wasn’t too shocking due to their striking similarities with American sisters Kim and Kylie Jenner. Over time however, some have come to suspect the sisters have undergone plastic surgery as their noses and lips have changed shape significantly, along with increased makeup coverage than before and an unusually shiny complexion.

No one could deny that both sisters have undergone extensive facial transformation, with Sonia sporting a slimmer nose and bigger lips, while Fyza having more defined jawline and chin structures. But what many fans may not realize is that both have also undergone extensive dental work; both sisters now boast crowns to brighten up their smiles as well as bridges or veneers fitted on top teeth to give a straighter smile.

Though they have had extensive dental work, the sisters remain committed to becoming successful influencers. Despite receiving considerable backlash for their hard work, they vow to continue working towards reaching one million followers on YouTube; with much enthusiasm.

Sonia and Fyza have set their sights on creating their own makeup brand to demonstrate their talents, with an emphasis on creating innovative looks and techniques to attract both current and potential audiences. Furthermore, they have been focused on keeping up with the latest makeup trends such as strobing and contouring, as well as honing their photography and editing skills so as to produce high quality videos which their audiences will be able to appreciate more than ever before. Their Instagram page has also been used as an experimental space, where they test new ideas. Furthermore, they aim to increase interaction with their target audience so as to strengthen connections more efficiently – this should increase engagement rates while simultaneously building up their viewership base.

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