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A Look at Popular Fitness Instructor Matt Wilpers

Matt Wilpers is a Peloton instructor known for his Power Zone Training class. In it, participants are guided through various exercises in order to maximize their potential while working toward specific strength and cardiovascular goals.

Matt Wilpers keeps himself extremely busy outside the studio as well. Aside from teaching online classes, Matt Wilpers is well-known group fitness instructor who runs Mile High Run Club. Additionally, Matt serves as running coach on HBO show Girls as well as being an ambassador for Peloton. In his free time he enjoys traveling and spending time with family.

He boasts over 1.3 million followers on Instagram and promotes healthy living through regular exercise and healthy eating habits. Additionally, he’s developed products like smoothies and protein powder that assist people living healthier lifestyles. In addition, Kristin McGee hosts a monthly podcast in which they talk about adventures they share together as well as ways to incorporate fitness into daily lives.

Wilpers is well known as both an online fitness instructor and group fitness instructor, running his own coaching business for runners and cyclists alike. Lena Dunham sought him out when filming her hit show Girls; Mile High Run Club boasts a large fanbase; recently, Wilpers joined Strava, an online cycling community that allows users to track their activity with friends and followers alike.

Matt Wilpers’ popularity can be attributed to his uncanny ability to motivate his students. A veteran athlete himself, Matt has trained across a number of sports and disciplines – running, swimming and cycling among them. He holds marathon times of 2 hours 54 minutes; half marathon times of 1:17 minutes; is an Ironman triathlete and has won various races – such as New York City Marathon.

Matt recently announced to his longtime girlfriend Jessica Li, a periodontist. In an Instagram post with this news he wrote: “So… during that last surf trip to Nicaragua I asked for her hand in marriage”. To complete his announcement he included a red heart emoji.

This post received over 5,000 likes and almost 600 comments, many congratulating him and Jess Wei on their engagement. One user wrote “OMG chills! So happy for you two @itsjesswei!”

Matt not only motivates his students but also shares inspiring quotes. Here are a few of them from him:

Matt’s motivational mantras and words of wisdom have inspired his students to reach their maximum athletic potential. He strongly believes in believing in yourself – with that belief comes the ability to achieve great things! In his classes, Matt emphasizes proper form and technique as well as consistency – helping his students become more self-confident athletes who feel ready to push themselves in any situation – making him an excellent role model for athletes everywhere!

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