Who Got Sent Home On Masked Singer

Who Got Sent Home on Masked Singer This Week?

The Masked Singer is back for another season with a brand-new theme and group of monsters ready to compete for $100,000 and its iconic golden mask prize! Starring Nick Cannon as host and judges Ken Jeong, Jenny McCarthy, Nicole Scherzinger and Robin Thicke as judges; its seventh season premiered March 9 with familiar faces along with some surprise celebrity guest appearances; it promises an exciting journey towards its conclusion and will certainly offer fans plenty of surprises along the way – so read on to discover who was sent home on Masked Singer this week!

Fright Night was a thrilling episode of The Masked Singer this week, where one contestant lost their chance at winning a $100,000 grand prize and took off their mask to reveal themselves. One such contestant, known as Moose from Cheers fame was unmasked; George Wendt won an Emmy award for playing the part. Although George Wendt made an excellent run this season until just before quarterfinals started.

On Wednesday’s British Invasion Night episode, four contestants performed to see who would make it through to the semifinals. Following an excellent rendition of Coldplay’s “Yellow”, UFO was unmasked – model Olivia Culpo had an outstanding run as UFO! We were all impressed that non-singers made it this far in competition!

Macaw and Medusa emerged as two strong competitors during the semifinals, but it was Macaw who ultimately prevailed as one of two finalists. She made an immediate impactful statement with her performance of Drake’s “Hotline Bling”, impressing both audience and panel alike. Another mask performer known as Chameleon later revealed itself to be musician Omarion of B2K – this time around however, Medusa won out over him.

Lamp was the final contestant to be unmasked, and she shone brightly without her mask as much as with it on. Her performance of Bananarama’s “Venus” convinced the panel she deserved advancement; though some found Toni Braxton being eliminated so early surprising and upsetting; nevertheless she was always one of my favorites and great competition. Thanks to Hulu subscribers you can rewatch The Masked Singer on streaming; with hilarious guesses by panel members it makes for entertaining viewing – you may miss them but there will always be another season!

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