Marc Anthony Yolanda Muniz

Marc Anthony – Cantante Puerto Ricano Estadounidense

Marc Anthony, 53 years old and born in Puerto Rico but raised in America, enjoys an outstanding career today and currently on an extensive world tour performing his music across various Latin American countries. Additionally this year plans on visiting various churches with Nadia Ferreira who was promised him as his bride on social media networks where they have amassed millions of followers, becoming his go-to couple within entertainment world.

Marc Anthony was born Marco Antonio Muniz in New York City to Guillermina and Felipe Muniz on September 16th 1968 and raised in a musical household where both parents played instruments; Guillermina worked as a street musician while Felipe was a guitar player. From an early age onward he started singing and writing music; eventually becoming an internationally acclaimed singer, actor, producer, songwriter of both English & Spanish lyrics with hits such as Rebel, Otra Nota and Dimelo being among his more notable works.

Marc Anthony is also well known for his charitable endeavors; in 1994, he established the Marc Anthony Foundation for Kids which provides assistance to underprivileged children across America. Furthermore, he is an active AIDS awareness advocate who has appeared in several AIDS related movies; additionally he has made guest appearances on shows like Oprah Winfrey Show, View, and America’s Got Talent as a guest star.

Outside his professional life, Puerto Rican-born singer Juanes is also highly private individual. He only keeps close friends that he trusts, rarely discussing anything personal with them and being protective over his family he usually avoids taking photos or videos with unknown people.

Regarding his romantic life, he has been in an on-off relationship with Nadia Ferreira, a Paraguayan model and beauty queen who is 31 years younger. They first met during one of his concerts in 2016 before getting engaged in May 2022 and marrying in January of the next year. Both can often be found together at events, restaurants and public places.

Arianna is seven years old, and they share an extraordinary strong bond and are extremely happy together.

Marc Anthony released his salsa album 3.0 which was later certified Platinum and embarked on his Vivir Mi Vida World Tour, visiting 15 countries across three continents.

Marc Anthony and Nadia Ferreira have established themselves in an amicable relationship and enjoy an incredible union, both online and off. On social media they’re inseparable – from musical collaboration to sharing photos on Instagram for charity causes together with her fans around the world. Recently the wife/model shared with Yolanda Muniz from Paraguay where she owns an apparel shop called Bigram Zayas that sells gifts specifically tailored for women and kids – an incredible tribute from her spouse/model!

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