Faded Fruits 500mg Fake

Faded Fruits 500mg Fake

The faded fruits 500mg fake are an exciting twist on classic candies with an unexpected kick! Each piece in this pack of eight assorted fruit-flavored THC gummies contains 30mg of THC for an unforgettable bite-sized experience! Plus, lab tested and gluten free.

Ingredients include corn syrup, beet sugar (the source), water, gelatin, natural and artificial flavorings as well as citric acid from vegetables oil and pectin derived from fruits – 10 Gummies in each package each with 50mg THC; manufactured in California.

These gummies are infused with Blueberry Headband, a hybrid strain known for its delicious blueberry flavors and high THC content that will leave you relaxed yet high on euphoria. Strawberry Cough, on the other hand, is a sativa strain ideal for daytime use with energetic effects that lead to pure euphoria. Cannabis-infused edibles provide an easy and discreet way of medicating, and are great for relieving pain, anxiety or nausea in many forms such as beverages, candies and chocolates.

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