Mahopac Car Wash

Mahopac Car Wash Closed For Nearly Two Weeks

A local car wash is facing a tough time. The state and town have issued violations to the Mahopac car wash, forcing it to close for nearly two weeks. The carwash, which was once known as Mahopac Car Wash, is now owned by Nick Lupinacci and operated by Bob Kissh.

Nick Lupinacci owns mahopac car wash

In May, a New York state Department of Environmental Conservation inspector inspected Nick Lupinacci’s Mahopac car wash. The inspector found that wastewater was being discharged into nearby catch basins, and that the facility was not meeting sanitary standards. While Lupinacci and Kissh did not return phone calls seeking comment, Lupinacci was eager to talk to the press. But his lawyers warned him to keep quiet. Instead, he referred inquiries to his attorney, William Spain.

It was closed for illegally discharging wastewater into town’s storm sewer system

After receiving notices from the state and town to stop illegally discharging wastewater into the storm sewer, a Mahopac car wash was shut down for two weeks. The car wash, formerly known as Mahopac Car Wash, is currently run by Bob Kissh. The owners are Nick Lupinacci and Z-Max Development Corporation.

Save the Sound has filed a lawsuit against the Town of Mahopac and Westchester County, and has also sued several municipalities in the town. The lawsuit details a pattern of illegal sewage discharges into the Long Island Sound, which harms the environment and violates state and county laws.

It offers specials

Mahopac car wash offers many specials for customers to save money. These deals are typically posted on social media. They also offer deep cleaning services. You can save money on these services by taking advantage of their coupons. Check out their Facebook page to learn about their latest specials. If you have a dirty car, Mahopac car wash offers a deep cleaning service for your vehicle.

It offers deep cleaning

If you’re looking for a car wash that offers a deep cleaning, you may have found it in Mahopac. While hand washing is great for cleaning the exterior of your car, an automatic car wash can also clean it more effectively. An automatic car wash is less likely to miss a spot because it’s much gentler on your car, and it saves you time.

When you’re looking for a Mahopac car wash, be sure to check out their specials. They often post deals on social media and discounts for car washes, including deep cleaning.

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