Love To Sing When Santa Comes To My House

Love to Sing When Santa Comes to My House

Love’s rendition of this Christmas classic may be one of the best-known, and was given even more exposure with its inclusion in Home Alone 2. In that film, it featured an elaborate production number featuring gospel choir and band, dancers breaking out into dance across an arena-sized stage space, as well as even a breakdancing police officer!

As part of her tradition that began with appearances on David Letterman’s show during the late ’90s, Love continues to perform this song at her annual shows in New York City. With Letterman retiring in 2014, Love sang it for one final time (at one point climbing onto Shaffer’s piano to avoid breaking down).

Twenty One Pilots made waves when they released an acoustic version of “Take Your Time” during their Fortnite tournament stream to raise money for Make-A-Wish, quickly becoming an instantaneous hit among Twitch viewers and being included as the soundtrack for their holiday EP, Christmas Saves the Year.

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