Game Day Outfits 2020

Cute Game Day Outfits 2020 For Girls

Game day outfits should reflect both team spirit and colors, as well as accessories that accentuate them. Accessories to consider for game day include a cute clear bag to carry all your essentials – snacks, sunnies, bandages, and of course foam fingers! Additionally, wearing a hat is great to protect your face from the sun’s harmful UV rays, prevent sunburn and show your school pride at games! Finally don’t forget stickers or face paint as fun ways of showing school pride at games!

College game day attire must be both fashionable and practical. Consider the weather, your itinerary (climbing the stadium stairs is like fashion runway), sweating in the stands or carrying concession stand food back to your seat – choose an outfit that provides maximum comfort while easily being adjusted to meet your individual needs.

Cute & Casual

A classic game day look for girls involves pairing a dress or skirt with an eye-catching college tee in floral or tribal prints for added interest. Leggings paired with boots make an easy yet fashionable alternative, creating a trendy yet comfortable ensemble. To pull this style off effectively, choosing colors that work well together and selecting pieces with complementary textures are key components to its success.

If it’s cold outside, add a knit sweater or hoodie for extra warmth. A floppy hat can add extra flair. Or for something even more retro and unique, try bleach tie dyeing your shirt for a unique retro look!

Cute & Trendy

A two piece set makes an eye-catching game day outfit. Wear it with sneakers or cowboy boots for an elevated look, such as sneakers with cowboy boots. A long sleeve tee and matching midi skirt in the same color combination works particularly well; alternatively you could pair colorful joggers with white tees for even greater impact!

Make an impressionful statement at your school game with your accessories by donning a scarf or necklace featuring its colors. And if you attend home games, wear some colorful flip flops to match.

As LSU fans are eagerly awaiting its 2022 season of football, fans are looking forward to tailgating and heading down to Death Valley! In order to help prepare them for game day outfits for girls we have put together some of our favourite game day attire options here.

Wear these outfits whether attending the game itself or cheering from home and make an impressionful statement! These stunning attire is sure to get everyone talking.

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