Long Hair Care Forum

Long Hair Care Forum

Long hair care forum is an online community where members discuss the care of their tresses. There are currently 149,089 threads and 2,744,904 members. The most recent activity on this forum is a discussion about ‘How to keep my hair white underneath my bair hair.’ Other recent discussions include ‘What should I do with my hair if it’s black?’


Nappturality was a community of natural hair lovers that began in 2002 as a Yahoo group. In a year, it grew to include millions of women who were interested in natural hair, as well as women who were transitioning from relaxed hair. This community helped women discover the versatility of their natural hair and redefine the language that is used to describe it.

Nappturality’s mission was to create an online community for people who are interested in natural hair care. It’s a site that offers qualified reviews and expert content. It also offers direct access to new products and emerging brands. Members can also ask other members for advice on a variety of topics.

Black Hair Media

The Black Hair Media long hair care forum is a good place to discuss hair and beauty issues with other women of color. They have a section dedicated to long hair and are located in Washington, DC. 149,161 members have posted there. Many have a story to tell or advice to offer, including how they grew their hair. However, some black women can’t grow long hair for genetic reasons.

The forum became a launching pad for discussions about natural hair. This spurred larger conversations on race, stereotypes and self-identity. These discussions lead to a shift in how women view themselves and their hair. Women who once equated beauty with long straight hair are learning to accept the texture of their hair as it grows without chemicals. Gaines wasn’t the only natural hair advocate on the forum, but she knew there were many other women with Black hair looking for guidance.

Napturally curly

The Napturally Curly Long Hair Care Forum is a place to talk about your hair. Founded in 2010, this hair forum has tons of content to browse. There are sections dedicated to hair styles, a Product Palace to satisfy your inner product hound, and a Recipe Room to make your own homemade hair products.

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