Lollipop Care Bear

Share Bear Lollipop Care Bear

If you have a young child, you may want to get them a lollipop care bear as a gift. These plush bears are available in several colors and are also great for sharing. The bears come with several interactive features. The care bears can interact with your child and are an excellent way to make your child laugh and smile.

Share Bear

The Share Bear lollipop care bear is a lovable little sweetie with a big heart and a fondness for sharing. She’s the glue of the Care Bears, and is always quick to find a cheerful solution to any problem. She’s a good communicator, and is the perfect ambassador when the Care Bears meet strange creatures in Silver Lining. Share Bear also has several interests, including baking and painting. Her belly badge consists of two heart-shaped lollipops.

Care Bears TM Unlock the Magic Interactive Figures

The lovable Care Bears are back in a new series of interactive figures! These 5-inch figures bring your favorite Care Bears to life, with animated heads and chests filled with touch points. You can play games with your Care Bears, or use the interactive figures to unlock special features.

Share Bear stuffed animal plush

Share Bear is a 14-inch-tall stuffed animal with a unique belly badge of heart-shaped lollipops. He is part of the Rainbow Care Bears collection.

Share Bear in Journey to Joke-a-lot

The animated sequel to Care Bears’ Big Wish, Share Bear in Journey to Joke-a lot, is a surprisingly good movie for young children. It features a new cast and an original soundtrack. The movie has a happy ending, with a lovable pink pig named Gig who teaches a lesson about good morals.

Share Bear’s tummy symbol

The original Share Bear’s tummy symbol was a pink sprinkled ice cream soda with straws. But in 2002, the company that owned the license to the Care Bears changed this to two heart-shaped lollipops. This was in reaction to the concern that the drinking of shared drinks could spread harmful bacteria and viruses. The move came after a Meningitis outbreak in the U.S.

Share Bear’s personality

Share Bear is a friendly bear who loves to share. He has heart-shaped belly badges and blush stickers that show off his caring and sharing nature. He is also a good communicator and has a lot of interests. His hobbies include baking and painting, and he enjoys connecting with others. He is a multi-tasker who also has a great sense of humor.

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