Law Order Organized Crime Recap

Law & Order Organized Crime Recap

Law & Order: Organized Crime is the latest spinoff from NBC’s iconic detective drama franchise. The show follows a task force of police officers as they battle organized crime in New York City, led by Mariska Hargitay and Christopher Meloni as Detective Olivia Benson and Elliot Stabler respectively.

The pilot episode set the stage for a high-stakes, emotional story with an unexpected outcome and introduced us to members of OCCB team as well as some characters from SVU who made guest appearances.

When a young girl gets abducted by her father – who turns out to be part of a criminal gang known as The Brotherhood – you know it will be an intense investigation – which was exactly the case during this episode of EO.

While this episode focused on finding a child, it also provided Stabler and Benson an opportunity to reconnect after not working together since SVU premiered back in 2022 – something which they did so well together.

This episode was solid but not particularly memorable, though the story and performances were impeccable.

One minor disappointment came in how this episode addressed racial inequities in both legal and cultural institutions, particularly given that Ice-T was part of its cast. Unfortunately, producers of EO did not handle this topic with more nuance.

Even so, this episode still managed to deliver some of the highest stakes of any Law & Order episode this season – an accomplishment made possible thanks to an amazing collaborative effort among writers, actors and actresses involved, producers and everyone involved.

As for the climax, it was both shocking and satisfying. The episode’s conclusion left us with plenty of intriguing questions for 2022’s return of this series.

Christopher Meloni made an outstanding return as Christopher in this episode, giving a riveting performance as himself in his home alone at the beginning and end of each hour, depicting powerfully his feelings of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) due to Kathy’s murder in real life. It is evident that Christopher still has many unresolved issues related to Kathy’s murder which need to be dealt with head on.

Keren Dukes played Denise Bullock, a public defender who works at Congressman Kilbride’s old firm and represents the family of a murdered drug dealer who belongs to BX9 gang. Alongside Maria Delgado (also an SVU regular), Denise is determined in their pursuit of this case; Wendy Moniz as Anne Frasier prosecuted both Wheatley and K-O cases was also back for another appearance!

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