Kkw Fragrance Crystal Rose

KKW Fragrance Crystal Rose Review

KKW Fragrance Crystal Rose is the latest offering from Kim Kardashian West’s beauty empire and was designed for those who daydream of all they can accomplish in life. Combining citrus, peach and pear notes – designed by Kim herself! – this scent was made available online as a 30 ml bottle at $35 with long-term effects when applied directly to skin after showering; pores open more readily so more scent absorbs into pores; the scent also lasts longer when applied directly over dry skin than on oily or sweaty ones!

Kim Kardashian may be one of the world’s best-known figures, yet her entrepreneurial efforts can’t be overstated. By cultivating relationships with key individuals she created Keeping Up With The Kardashians as well as many spinoff shows and products such as fragrances.

Kardashian recently expanded her KKW beauty line to include fragrances, and recently unveiled three scents from her Crystal Collection. Inspired by personal experiences such as being robbed at gunpoint in Paris in 2016, these crystal fragrances mark a recent addition to KKW Fragrance lineup; other options available include Body II (a celebration of femininity featuring white floral notes).

All three scents in the Crystal Collection feature gardenia as a foundation, which holds significant meaning to Kardashian West. Each fragrance offers their own twist on this classic note; Crystal Rose offers more feminine floral notes like pink grapefruit, anjou pear and water lily while Emerald Diamond exudes green-woodsy characteristics; finally Crystal Gardenia provides a crisp fruity opening reminiscent of early 1990s throwback qualities.

No matter the scent you select, KKW Fragrance Crystal perfumes are highly recommended for anyone who enjoys the scent of flowers. A beautiful addition to any wardrobe and life! Wear one as your signature fragrance or just to add joy! Prices for KKW Fragrance Crystal scents are extremely reasonable, and can be easily found across numerous online stores. Ubuy offers genuine international brands at very competitive prices – it makes shopping KKW Fragrance Crystal fragrances effortless on this platform! Plus, KKW Fragrance offers free shipping! This is an excellent way to save money while still getting luxury-brand fragrance products like their KKW Fragrance range. Plus, their company is known and trusted in the industry; so your products will arrive safely. Plus if they don’t meet expectations you can even return them; always a plus point!

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