Jennifer’s Body Pink Sweater

The Best Jennifer’s Body Costumes of All Time

In 2009’s Jennifer’s Body, cheerleader-turned-flesh-eating demon Jennifer wears a pink velour zip-up hoodie studded with red hearts as part of her demonic attire, representing both her desire for human flesh as well as its central message: namely that hell is indeed teenage girls.

The movie was considered revolutionary at its release, yet has recently experienced something of a revival. That may be attributed to its great horror elements combined with feminist messages about girls’ relationships when together; or simply due to its iconic costumes.

Director Diablo Cody and costume designer Katia Stano made sure their film subverted centuries worth of horror film tropes with its irreverent story and alluring ensemble cast, dressed like those featured in street style magazines like 2001’s Fruits and Fashion Tribes: China. Stano says she and Cody wanted their movie to look really cool; in order to do this they obtained permission from American Apparel to use some tees from them for Needy’s costumes.

Stano remains regretful of one costume-related blunder she made while designing Needy’s scene at Jennifer’s house, in which Needy wears what Stano describes as the “f*cking afterbirth of a dress.” It was so puffy when Seyfried put it on she could hardly breathe; efforts by Stano’s team to remedy the situation failed and more volume added to its bodice did not help either. Luckily, she learned from this error and no longer uses corsets to shape her actresses bodies!

Megan Fox plays Jennifer in this movie and wears an underrated costume — this cropped heart hoodie with its soft fleece material and smooth viscose inner lining — perfect for girls who want warmth without feeling cumbersome or heavy. The front open zipper closure, two kangaroo chest pockets, two inside pockets for added storage space as well as its hooded style collar and full sleeves featuring rib-knitted cuffs add extra storage capacity and warmth without feeling cumbersome or restrictive.

This hoodie features the same design worn by Megan in the movie and comes in both women’s and men’s sizes – perfect for showing your love of Jennifer’s Body or just looking cute and fashionable! Don’t delay- order now and show yours off!

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