Kelly Clarkson At Cma Awards

Kelly Clarkson Slayed It at the CMA Awards

Kelly Clarkson is one of country music’s iconic artists, her songs timeless and her voice always at its highest level when singing.

She’s also a mother of two and an advocate for women’s rights. That makes her an ideal choice to perform alongside country superstars kelsea ballerini and carly pearce at the 2022 cma awards.

However, the 40-year-old singer has received some harsh criticism on social media platforms. Many viewers were not pleased with her “frumpy” outfit choice for the event.

Many are criticizing her appearance, labelling it as “disgusting” and even suggesting she is a fraud. On the other hand, some think she looks fantastic in this light wash denim short-cut design.

On Wednesday night (November 9), Kelly Clarkson made an unforgettable performance at the CMA awards. She sang her hit single “You’re Drunk, Go Home,” about a guy who tried to hit on her after getting plastered. No matter what anyone thought about it, Kelly Clarkson absolutely killed it onstage!

This song is from her recent album Subject to Change, released in September. It speaks about female empowerment and refusing unwanted advances from men who are too intoxicated to make wise decisions.

It was an electrifying performance that made for one of the night’s finest moments. They gave it their all in a version of the song they filmed last month, truly giving fans something special to remember.

On a circular stage, they sang the song with guitar accompaniment – and the harmonies were incredible!

Kelly Clarkson and Carly Pearce collaborated on the romantic comedy You’re Drunk, Go Home. Both stars recently divorced after dealing with breakups, their shared experiences have enabled them to connect on an intimate level.

This was such a special moment for the three women to come together and have this chance to share their stories on stage. After going through some challenging times in their personal lives, it was truly touching to watch them sing together onstage.

At the performance, they sang “You’re Drunk, Go Home” together – it was truly breathtaking to watch them all come together onstage. The three of them sang about a man hitting on her after she’s been plastered and it was truly powerful to witness.

They also sang the poignant song about a guy who hits on women at bars after they’ve been heavily intoxicated, and it was truly touching to watch them all come together onstage.

This song is from her recent CMA Award-nominated album subject to change, released in September. She orchestrated an all-star all-female collaboration for this track.

She noted the significance of having a group of women who could relate to each other’s experiences, which led her to propose having them all sing together. Furthermore, it serves as an inspirational reminder that people can remain strong no matter what happens in their lives.

The three artists sounded incredible together onstage, and their powerful performance was warmly received by the audience. It was truly a momentous occasion for these three stars to come together onstage for such an enchanting reunion.

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