Is Red Carter Going Out Of Business

Is Red Carter Going Out of Business?

Daniel Carter founded Red Carter in 2003 after honing his craft at renowned designers such as Victoria Secret, Guess Jeans, Esprit and Oscar de la Renta. He felt the market needed an updated take on fit, form and function with an element of fun; thus he created his own line to fill that void.

The brand has achieved national exposure and a reputation for creating innovative swimwear pieces. They’ve been noticed by stylists, editors, and fashion bloggers around the world as well as celebrities like Beyonce and Kim Kardashian.

Red Carter offers a stylish range of swimwear, dresses and tops for modern women. Their relaxed contemporary aesthetic features bold graphics and vibrant placement prints that give their designs an air of sophistication and feminine charm.

Red Carter is known for their daring color combinations and standout pieces that will turn heads. Their beachwear collection offers an array of printed bikinis and onepieces as well as directional cut-out styles.

Their active wear collection is available online and at select retailers around the world. Their swimwear designs are tailored with fit, form and functionality in mind so women can feel comfortable while still looking fashionable.

Red Carter’s website states, “Red puts his heart and soul into each design but more importantly, he injects his fun and uninhibited energy into every piece.”

Red Carter’s designs are essential for any stylish woman who wants to look effortlessly stylish in her swimwear. He understands that a woman’s style should reflect her individuality, so he strives to help women express themselves authentically through style.

He loves to travel and draws inspiration from places he has visited and people he’s encountered along the way. He believes in telling a good story, which he often incorporates into his designs.

His clothing fuses traditional and modern elements, making them versatile enough to be worn in many settings. Furthermore, his garments are built to last, offering women a long-lasting fashion statement that will remain stylish for years to come.

Red Carter also designs shoes that can be found in select stores. Each pair of shoes is as one-of-a kind as the women wearing them, creating unique footwear to match.

Shoes designed with the same meticulous care as their clothing counterparts make a wonderful addition to any woman’s closet. Crafted from high-quality materials used in all his pieces, these shoes will last for years to come.

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