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15 Funny Sketches by Julia Louis-Dreyfus

Julia Louis-Dreyfus has become one of the most prolific TV actresses of all time, appearing in shows such as Seinfeld, Old Christine, Veep and more. Her performances have delighted generations while first breaking into comedy in Chicago’s Second City in the early ’80s as an improviser – since then becoming one of its stars and breaking barriers for female comedians alike.

Louis-Dreyfus is also an accomplished director, receiving critical acclaim for her work. However, acting is where Louis-Dreyfus truly shines; making a career out of capturing complex yet engaging roles such as that of a hard-drinking office worker or playing off-kilter characters like brash divas like Bridget Jones and other characters from The Wire or Black Mirror series. Her performances always leave audiences wanting more!

Louis-Dreyfus had an extensive run as SNL host before she found fame as Selina Meyer on Veep, and though not as adept a host as she is at acting, still managed to craft some unforgettable sketches ranging from early impressions to later satire. These 15 sketches reveal glimpses into her comedy career today.

Louis-Dreyfus had just entered the acting world when she began hosting SNL in 1989. While still perfecting Elaine Benes, Louis-Dreyfus already showed an aptitude for physical humor – this sketch where she attempted to sell eco-friendly cornstarch cutlery that dissolves in coffee was evidence of this fact.

This skit may have been too risque for SNL at the time, but Louis-Dreyfus proved she has what it takes to become a headliner with this sketch. Additionally, Louis-Dreyfus demonstrated her talent for impressions when she flawlessly rendered early MTV VJ Nina Blackwood with flair. Unfortunately, however, its payoff – where Mary Gross romances an accused stalker — failed to hit its target.

One of Louis-Dreyfus’ many strengths on Veep is her unabashed displays of anger. From surreal to lewd put-downs – such as when she called Gary an “fucking jizzface” for using unreliable sources – to using them to criticize coworkers over incompetence, Louis-Dreyfus is never afraid to show it all off.

Louis-Dreyfus gave an emotional farewell and revealed she is pregnant in the final episode. But that wasn’t the only surprise of the night: earlier in the show comedian Kumail Nanjiani shared news that they have been dating.

On Wednesday night in New York City, two longtime partners, who had been dating for four years, were seen out and about together and later had dinner with Louis-Dreyfus’ family. It remains unknown if this couple will tie the knot but there have been signs that marriage might soon follow if not here’s hoping that we get nine seasons more of enjoying their chemistry together as shown below!

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