Johnny Weir Derby Hat

Johnny Weir Has a New Kentucky Derby Hat and It’s Amazing

As fans of figure skating or fabulousness in general will already know, former Olympic skaters and current NBC commentators Johnny Weir and Tara Lipinski always deliver eye-catching ensembles at events like the Kentucky Derby. Thus it shouldn’t come as any great shock that these duos also attend this annual horserace outfitted in eye-catching designs that make an impressionful statement about them!

As it turns out, Weir and Lipinski share an affinity for wearing eye-catching hats and fascinators. No stranger to putting on bold accessories that catch the eye, the pair have worn everything from Pegasus-themed headpieces to ones that resemble cocktails perched atop their heads in celebration of this weekend’s 144th Derby race. In honor of that event, let’s look back on some of their finest Derby-inspired creations to date.

Johnny Weir Unveils His Amazing Kentucky Derby Hat After dropping subtle hints all week, Weir finally revealed what he would wear to this Saturday’s 142nd running of the Kentucky Derby and it certainly delivered. As promised, former figure skater Weir chose an eye-catching headpiece fit for a champion; featuring rose-covered horse head and drink pin accents; complete with matching suit.

But when we found out Weir had something special planned, we were astounded. Created by Viget, his hashtag-controlled brooch responded to tweets using #WatchMeNeigh, lighting up whenever people tweeted using that tag – an ingenious way of getting people interested and excited for Derby day! No one can blame Weir for doing his part to promote the event!

Check out more of Weir and Lipinski’s bold ensembles in the photos below.

Johnny Weir Debuts Derby Hat with Flying Horse for This Year’s Derby
Johnny Weir sought the assistance of Tara Lipinski as his co-commentator to design this year’s Derby hat. Together they enlisted designer A-Morir’s assistance and created this three-cornered ponytail and pink feather crown design, complete with crystals, hand-ainted details, elastic reenforcement headband and elastic reinforcement reenforcements; available to be purchased from Weir’s website

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