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The Relationship Between Ella Johnson and Johnny Chao on 90 Day Fiance

The new season of 90 Day Fiance has drawn plenty of media coverage, and has garnered much interest among viewers and couples alike. Ella Johnson and Johnny Chao in particular have garnered much interest due to the various questions they have been raising about their relationship and future plans together.

This couple’s romance is unique because of its long distance elements. Although they have been communicating regularly via text and even video chat, they have yet to meet in person.

Part 2 of the Tell All revealed a lot of footage from their relationship, showing that it could be difficult for long-distance romances to remain strong when there were so many hurdles such as travel delays and cheating to overcome.

However, there were still numerous positive aspects to this couple’s love story. They appeared to be in love and shared an optimistic outlook on life – all characteristics which indicate an eagerness to start a family together.

Before they could begin dating, however, they had to overcome several hurdles. Johnny needed to wait for the Coronavirus pandemic to end before traveling to Ella in person.

So he had no option but to stay in China for some time and struggle financially due to quarantine restrictions and restrictions.

Johnny had not given up hope that his love would eventually triumph, hoping he would receive visas so he could travel to America legally marry Ella.

As soon as he reached America, he was welcomed with great warmth by both friends and fans, but quickly found out it wasn’t enough; in order to regain Ella’s trust he needed to work even harder.

Ella felt insecure and nervous about her weight. She worried that Johnny wouldn’t approve of her because of it, and was anxious about his response when they finally met in person.

Johnny spent most of his time travelling for work every other week, which caused him to miss much of his child’s schooling, leaving him discontented with life in China.

Johnny felt frustrated as he missed seeing his son’s friends. When he tried to bring his son with him, but the child’s father made false claims about their situation, leading Johnny to feel as if his son had been abandoned by him.

There were also complications in their relationship which caused much stress. Johnny struggled to provide for himself and his parents in China as his job did not provide him with enough income to provide adequate support.

But Ella remained determined to make their relationship work despite all these obstacles, showing him her devotion and doing everything possible to ensure its longevity.

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