Danika Brysha Height And Weight

Danika Brysha Height and Weight

Danika Brysha is an internationally acclaimed model and self-care expert who is best known for her curvier figure and healthy lifestyle. Additionally, she serves as health coach, wellness speaker and is the founder of Model Meals; an organic meal delivery service dedicated to healthy meals.

Her body image has propelled her into modeling success, serving as an inspiration to women who struggle with their weight and body image issues. She strives to teach young girls that it’s okay to embrace and celebrate their bodies no matter their size.

She began dieting as a child and joined Weight Watchers when she turned fourteen; however, years of bulimia left her feeling uncomfortable in her skin until eventually accepting herself and accepting her body as it is today; later being approached by plus-size modeling agencies leading her to her career in modeling.

She currently resides in California with Chef Bill Haley. The couple share a large English Mastiff named Kingsley who often makes appearances in her social media posts.

She stands at 5’9 1/2″ and is an American model who hosts her own YouTube channel where she offers clean eating tips, interviews and lifestyle videos.

She is also an accomplished blogger who enjoys sharing her culinary creations on her blog with readers. Her love of food has allowed her to gain a significant following on social media.

When she’s not working on her business or social media, she relishes spending time with her boyfriend, pets and beloved chef (her boyfriend works as a private chef) as well as travelling together with their dogs on vacations.

Danika Brysha is an extremely upbeat individual who sincerely cares about helping others. She believes in equal access for everyone to live out their dreams and achieve success, which has earned her an excellent reputation amongst peers.

Danika has overcome an eating disorder and food addiction through sharing her experience to assist other women who may be self-hating or engaging in destructive habits.

She currently boasts an estimated net worth between $1 Million – $5 Million, thanks to her primary profession as a model.

Model with an upbeat, positive outlook, she has made waves in the fashion world as one of its leading figures. Very active on social media and advocating for women of all sizes.

Model Meals has become an incredible success due to her passion for food and cooking. With an established social media following of over 86,000 users on both Instagram and Facebook alone looking for healthy meal solutions, its business has proven enormously popular with her followers looking for healthy meal solutions for busy lifestyles.

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