Joe Kenda Son And Daughter

Joe Kenda and His Son and Daughter

If you are a fan of the American Detective, you will certainly be familiar with Joe Kenda. He is a retired detective and has solved hundreds of murder cases. Interestingly, he is also a father of two children. However, he does not get to spend as much time with his kids as he would like.

When he was a youngster, Joe Kenda was very interested in solving crimes. His uncle Dan Morrissey introduced him to the world of criminal investigation. In fact, Kenda’s first role during interrogations is the Good Cop/Bad Cop. Interestingly, he has killed seven police officers in his career.

One of the best-known stories of Kenda’s time on the police force was his involvement in the Dianne Hood murder case. The crime garnered widespread attention, even making it into People magazine. Several books and other media outlets covered the case.

While it’s true that Kenda’s name has appeared in the media more times than he can count, his career has not been without its ups and downs. A few incidents have left him frustrated. For example, the time he was offered a bribe to keep his name out of the papers. There was also the time he nearly strangled a man who molested his grandson. Eventually, Kenda decided to retire from the Colorado Springs Police Department.

Upon retiring, Kenda moved to Falcon, Colorado. Despite the move, he still manages to make time to work on a variety of cases. It was during this time that he met Mary Mohler, who would become his wife. Since then, they have had two children.

Among his many accomplishments, Kenda was the first to solve the Margaret Ann Fetty murder case. He also reunited an infant who was abducted from her mother. At one point, he was offered a bribe by a police officer to help him stay out of trouble. This story is told in the series’ final season, slated for airing in 2020.

Kenda is also known for hosting true-crime conventions. After retiring from the CSPD, Kenda worked as a school bus operator. But he soon realized that his job was not fulfilling him. Instead of focusing on his family, he found himself wishing he could put more effort into his work.

Besides a career as a detective, Kenda also served in the United States Air Force. During his military service, Kenda received the award for the “Most Valuable Officer” in the Vietnam War. He went on to work as a special needs school bus operator. Although he is not fond of working with children, Kenda did find success in this profession.

As a matter of fact, Kenda has been known to give children a ‘Berserk’ button if a crime involves them. Specifically, he tries to emotionally shield them from harm whenever he can. Moreover, his wife knows when he’s working on a case and usually gives him a hug when he comes home.

As a veteran detective, Kenda has a 92 percent solve rate. He claims to be the “world’s most paranoid” father.

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