Ice Pilots Kelly Death

Ice Pilots NWT – The Kelly Death

If you are a fan of the TV show Ice Pilots NWT, you may have heard about the death of Kelly Jurasevich. She was the cargo manager for Buffalo Airways for several years. Her life touched so many people. Sadly, she passed away on Tuesday January 10th.

Kelly died peacefully in Ponoka General Hospital. It’s unknown at this time what caused her death. But her family says her death was accidental.

In Ice Pilots NWT season six, the crew of the Electra are facing a serious test. The plane is in a dangerous position when the RCMP force an initiative on the air crew. One of the crew is injured. And the Electra’s captain, Ray Weber, is nearing retirement. He must land on a rough ice strip on a remote lake.

Meanwhile, Jeremy is confident that he can catch up with Audrey and Wilf. But the DC-3 is running low on spare engines. So, he sends the crew on a race against spring melt. When he lands, he has to decide whether he wants to continue flying the DC-3 or move up to a bigger plane.

Another challenge in Ice Pilots NWT season 6 comes when a raging wind blows up a warm weather system. This system threatens to bring a rare ice storm to Hay River. Scott has to stand down from flying while the Electra’s mechanic, Adam, works on getting the ice strip ready for landing.

There’s also a fuel leak that ratchets up the tension among the Turkey crew. Eventually, they’re all in trouble.

The Electra is also struggling with problems with the RCMP initiative, including a broken wheel. Duane puts enormous pressure on the mechanic. His decision could cost him his job. However, he finds a way to get the Electra a big contract.

On a nightly passenger flight to Hay River, a major landing gear problem strikes. The right landing gear gets stuck in the wheel well. At first, Kelly is prepared to abort. But after receiving a warning over the radio, he opts for a hot landing. During the process, the fuel sprays out of the Electra. A crew that was on the runway tried to revive Kelly, but the pilot was still in a critical state.

After the Electra makes its crash landing, the plane is in need of a huge repair. It is also experiencing a raging wind. Fortunately, the plane has been repaired and is back on the ice strip. That means there’s no more time to lose.

Season six has more than 500 hours of flight time. It has also been nominated for the Canadian Screen Awards. Hopefully, this will continue to be the case.

In addition to the drama that is occurring in the pilot’s life, there are also several other stories in the air. As a result of the engine seizure, Buffalo’s crucial food runs come to a halt. Additionally, there is a tension between the cargo manager, Kelly, and the boss, Joe.

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