Joanna Gaines Butcher Block

Joanna Gaines’ Favorite Kitchen Countertop

If you’ve seen Joanna Gaines on television shows, you know she loves wood – from floors and cabinets to countertops in her kitchens. While granite and quartz may be fashionable choices for countertops, Joanna prefers butcher block, which offers classic beauty with rich warmth for an economical solution in any living space or kitchen.

Butcher block countertops have been around long before any recent trend or fad was popularized; in fact, they’ve been popular ever since kitchens first emerged. Their versatility allows it to blend in well with all kinds of styles and design aesthetics from modern to rustic and everything in between; also pairing well with other surfaces like marble, stainless steel, or concrete for an attractive countertop solution.

Butcher blocks typically feature durable wood species like cherry, maple, oak or walnut; these sturdy options feature stunning grain patterns to fit most kitchen designs. However, for something truly exceptional try using darker species such as ebony or hickory; their distinctive grains will really stand out.

One of the primary draws to a butcher block counter is its versatility; you can use it for food prep thanks to its wood surface acting like a giant cutting board. Furthermore, its easy maintenance – just wipe down its surface with damp cloth regularly to clean any spills and keep its appearance at its best! However, keep in mind that any acidic foods can easily stain it and should be handled carefully or it could become damaged and stained over time.

Your kitchen countertops should be both beautiful and practical, so selecting a style that complements the rest of your decor is key to selecting a countertop material and thickness that works for you. Thicker boards tend to be easier to keep clean.

Therefore, when selecting butcher block countertops we advise opting for thicker slabs. Color is another important aspect; in the past people preferred natural finishes while now more people opt for painted options; luckily there are plenty of color choices available and maintenance concerns can be mitigated with sealed butcher blocks which protect surfaces against staining and moisture build-up.

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