Eve Rapper Plastic Surgery

Eve Rapper Talks About Her Brazilian Butt Lift

Eve is an impressively diverse entertainer. In addition to rapping and talk show hosting, she is also a renowned actress, singer, songwriter who has appeared in films such as Texas Chainsaw Massacre: Resurrection (TV), Blade: Trinity (film), I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry (TV series), Stealth and New Year’s Eve (movie). Eve has amassed an estimated net worth of $10 Million through her multiple talents.

Former Ruff Ryders rapper Nina Sky was recently interviewed on TikTok where she discussed her body image struggles. The “Let Me Blow Ya Mind” rapper shared that she underwent a Brazilian butt lift procedure due to wanting larger behinds.

During their discussion, 45-year-old starlet stressed that she has no regrets over undergoing plastic surgery. She further elaborated that having larger behind makes her feel more confident and fulfilled in the music industry.

No secret exists of celebrity surgery to enhance their features; yet many remain secretive about this practice and choose to keep their beauty secrets private – this being especially true of rappers and hip-hop artists.

Eve has long expressed her disapproval of hip-hop stars’ penchant for plastic surgery and warned their fans about its associated dangers.

Eve has spoken openly and candidly about her struggles with body image issues in the past, attributing her self-consciousness to being an adolescent. Additionally, she shared details about her battle against depression and its subsequent road to recovery.

Maximillion Cooper and Kim K have been open about their marriage and relationship since 2005 when they married and are the proud parents of three children together. Both parties have also been active philanthropists, contributing money and time to various causes – in fact Maximillion founded the Gumball 3000 motorsports rally with apparel bearing his name along with several car brands that bear his brand as well as video game releases under this label.

Last year, Eve and Daniel were finally allowed to see each other after months apart due to coronavirus restrictions. Clary Abreu was responsible for organizing their reunion; Eve had planned her arrival very carefully the evening prior and morning of their reunion meeting.

The couple serves as an excellent example of how love and commitment can overcome any hurdles to a marriage’s longevity, with their marriage having withstood the test of time! We wish them a bright and joyous future together!

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