Jhene Aiko With Braids

How to Style Jhene Aiko With Braids

Singer and actress Jhene Aiko has long been revered as a style icon thanks to her impeccable braided hairstyles, from voluminous top knots to intricate braided crowns – you name it, there isn’t one without shining Jhene Aiko locks! Her textured locks always complement her sleek body beautifully; and Aiko’s luscious curls add the perfect complement. No matter if she’s shopping or going out with boyfriend Big Sean (Big Sean is Big Sean from Sean Big Sean himself!) or just heading out with baby Noah (five months old baby Noah), singer-turned actress Jhene Aiko is always dressed to impress!

Jhene Aiko has become well known for her signature look – a timeless box braid with curls. The soulful singer flawlessly pulls this off using a deep side part and carefully placed braids that frame her face, often adding additional curls as a final flourish to complete this stylish ensemble.

Jhene Aiko often wears her signature style: a half-up, half-down braided bun. To achieve it, split your hair into two equal sections and braid each section into a tight bun before using bobby pins to secure the look.

Singer Christina Aguilera is known for sporting faux locs, an emerging trend. The style has quickly become part of her signature look and often makes red carpet appearances. Faux locs provide a quick way to add volume without spending hours maintaining them; plus you can add some glamor by embellishing with beads or other decorations such as tiaras.

Aiko also boasts an elegant braided crown that adds drama and character to her look. To create it, start with a side ponytail and braid each section into small plaits before twisting them into buns – secure this masterpiece using either bobby pins or hair clips and you have an ideal look for weddings or any special event!

Singer Christina Perri often sports a low slung top knot with loose strands left around her ears for an effortless but sophisticated look. This style helps keep hair off her neck in hot climates, and makes for the ideal summer vacation look.

Jhene Aiko has long been an admirer of braid extensions, regularly posting photos to social media of herself wearing them. Recently she posed for a photoshoot with her husband and baby son while sporting long black braids – they looked very happy as they smiled for the camera while looking fabulous with olive green, white, and gray plaid button-down shirt, light green pants, and pair of black high-top sneakers adorning her ensemble.

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