Black Summer Rhcp Tab

Black Summer RHCP Tab

Black Summer by RHCP can be found on their 1992 album Blood Sugar Sex Magik and is an iconic example of their alternative rock style with simple yet catchy rhythms, guitar solo elements and an easily learnable intro riff that includes slides and bends – one of their best-known tunes and must-have for any serious guitarist!

This tune is slightly more complex than most RHCP songs, featuring chord progressions with minor keys and some chromatic scales as well as its unique tuning – slightly different from standard E major tuning but still easy to learn and can be played using a capo on the 6th fret. Lyrically it deals with problematic romantic relationships while its melodies feature elements reminiscent of Led Zeppelin ballads providing great emotion using an acoustic guitar sound.

Red Hot Chili Peppers’ latest installment features guitarist John Frusciante’s triumphant return following his long-delayed reformation, while their album Unlimited Love displays their newly rediscovered dynamic sound while showing their intent to expand their musical vocabulary.

Tippa My Tongue, released this year by the band, takes listeners back to its roots with references to classic tracks and a bizarre video that could pass for pirate shanty-esque lyrics. Yet the new lineup provides something different. Their latest record, Tippa My Tongue, has won them the attention of listeners around the globe and continues to receive critical acclaim.

An integral element in ensuring any successful revival is finding an exceptional producer. Rick Rubin is an industry icon and has worked with some of the greatest artists. His production work on Unlimited Love earned high praise; many critics raved that this album showcased RHCP at their peak performance.

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