Jeopardy May 10 2022

Jeopardy! Double-Episode May 10 2022

Since 2010, Jeopardy! has hosted double episodes on the final Thursday of tournaments. The two-hour episode included a full night of games spanning from Amy Schneider and Matt Amodio’s semifinal match, newcomers Andrew He and Sam Buttrey’s appearance and Andrew Holzhauer keeping up with other competitors through until the very last second of competition.

At the semifinal rounds, contestants play four round-robin games against one another with each player taking a turn at sitting out one game. Winners of each game earn three match points while second place receives one match point; those with most match points advance to finals while lower ranked competitors are eliminated before competing in two game matches; with the highest combined score from both rounds being declared champion and automatically qualifying for next year’s tournament.

Isaac Applebaum took first place in the third semifinal game and won $35,000, with Raymond Goslow and Kristin Donegan finishing tied for second with each earning $22,000. Going into Final Jeopardy, both players had 24,800 points – only Schneider came up with the correct response — Zambezi — which doubled her score up to 33,600 points! Unfortunately for him though, after placing an aggressive bet for an additional 28800 point total he failed to correctly answer a clue regarding Congo and had to settle for second place as second place!

Final Jeopardy featured its fifth tiebreaker game this season on Tuesday, the second such tiebreaker of this season and second overall. However, unlike in previous seasons where tiebreaker clues were placed atop Final Jeopardy clues for this particular tiebreaker; here it was displayed above the question itself and featured its logo displayed prominently on each contestant monitor.

In addition to incorporating a tiebreaker, the final game featured several other changes to its format. At the host’s podium was displayed a sign reading, “Jeopardy! is produced by Sony Pictures Studios at Alex Trebek Stage of Sony Pictures Television Center Los Angeles. Consumer Cellular replaced GEICO as the cash winnings sponsor this time around; during the final seconds of play, the host announced: “Promotional consideration provided by Consumer Cellular”. Shortly afterwards, closing credits appeared instantly. These changes were also implemented into 2022 Tournament of Champions episodes to commemorate tournament creator and alumnus Ken Jennings who died in 2020. Also new this season: contestant names, occupations, colleges/universities attended were shown during regular episodes for the first time ever!

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