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Aly McDaniel’s Nephew Beau Burns Passes Away in a Tragic Accident

Aly McDaniel has recently experienced tremendous heartache following the accident that claimed the life of one of her family members. Beau Brosius Burns was involved in an unfortunate car crash which ultimately claimed his life; Aly has asked followers of her social media pages to pray for his family as well as organ donation efforts carried out by Beau.

Reports indicate that Beau was playing in his pool with his father when he got trapped under water, prompting them to rush him immediately to hospital as soon as they learned about his condition. Once at hospital, he required life support in order to breathe properly – his aunt Aly McDaniel has asked her fans for prayers for Beau, and many have responded in kind.

Aly has been posting updates on her Instagram account regarding her nephew’s condition and has asked followers for prayers regarding a speedy recovery, saying she has suffered great physical discomfort due to the accident. Within hours, this post had received thousands of likes and comments; thousands of her followers sent their best wishes and sent prayers that Aly can use to get him back up again.

NJ officials report a mother of two has perished while trying to rescue their 6-year-old child as their home burns down, as per a GoFundMe page benefitting the family.

Aly McDaniel recently shared on her Instagram page an update regarding her brother’s nephew Beau’s condition. According to Aly, Beau had been swimming when he got stuck beneath water, forcing his dad, Rob, to rush him to hospital in an effort to rescue him before police and firefighters could arrive and administer CPR until help could arrive from outside agencies.

Unfortunately, Aly’s nephew passed away unexpectedly on June 22, 2022 and left her and her family heartbroken. Aly has asked followers of her Instagram page to pray for his parents as well as donate towards medical costs or any other expenses that arise as a result of his passing. Goal of raising $50,000 has already been reached as of this writing; so far over $40,000 has been donated! You can help contribute by clicking here; unfortunately this is the only option currently available; hopefully more will become available as time progresses. Money raised from this fundraiser will go toward funeral costs, hospital bills and purchasing a house for the family. Please share this article widely so that more people know about it and help the family! Thank you very much for your support – by spreading this article around more people, the most important thing is showing love and caring towards others – God bless all!

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