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Jasmine Pineda – 90 Day Fiance Spoilers Revealed!

90 Day Fiance fans love Jasmine Pineda, and she has been a big hit on the show since her debut in 2022. Although she and Gino Palazzolo have had their share of drama on the TLC spin-off, they’ve managed to make it work as a couple.

Jasmine and Gino met on an online dating site, and when they finally got to meet in person, sparks flew. But things quickly got tumultuous once they arrived in Jasmine’s home country of Panama, and the two were soon in the middle of a whirlwind romance.

Gino’s jealousy led to a lot of tense moments, and he and Jasmine both started to feel very insecure about their relationship. When they finally did decide to get married, however, it wasn’t without some drama.

According to 90 Day Fiance spoilers, Gino and Jasmine were tense during the first few weeks of their engagement. In fact, they were fighting over money at one point.

Despite the shaky beginnings, Gino and Jasmine have worked hard to make their relationship work. They’ve gotten their house in order, and they’re working on putting the pieces together to get the K-1 visa that will allow them to live in the United States.

The reality star also took to her social media accounts to announce that she has been working out hard and gaining some weight back. She shared a before and after picture of herself in July and December 2022, respectively, to give fans an idea of the progress she’s made.

She even went as far as to reveal that she’s been undergoing cosmetic surgeries, and her list of procedures is extensive! She has gotten breast implants, lip fillers and permanent makeup.

In addition, she’s been battling alopecia, which causes her to lose chunks of hair. The beauty has had a hard time finding ways to conceal her thinning locks, and she’s worn wigs as a result.

Her love for fitness has made her a star, and she always shares updates with her followers on Instagram. She recently posted a before and after photo of herself, and she was noticeably thinner than she had been earlier in the year.

Another reason why Jasmine is so attractive is her mother, who she credits for giving her good looks. She hasn’t revealed much about her parents, but they are still close to her.

When she was younger, she often shared pictures of her mom with fans on her social media accounts. In one post, she even wished her sister a happy birthday.

Currently, she and Gino are preparing to move to the United States as their family grows. They’re both hoping to receive the K-1 visa approval soon.

As for her career, she’s still pursuing her dream of becoming a model. She hopes to someday become a model in her hometown of Miami.

Her family is still supportive of her, and she has a lot of friends who have encouraged her to keep pushing forward. She’s currently looking for a job in Miami.

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