Taylor Lautner Looks Like An Alpaca

Taylor Lautner Looks Like an Alpaca

The Twilight saga may have made Taylor Lautner one of the most popular young actors in Hollywood, but it is not his only accomplishment. He also has an impressive career in martial arts.

The best way to see a good martial artist in action is to watch someone train in a real dojo. The actor has been training since he was six years old and has a degree in martial arts from the University of Michigan.

When he was only ten, his family moved from their home in Grand Rapids, Michigan to Los Angeles so he could pursue a career in acting full time. He started out by appearing in small roles and booking several occurring television commercials, but it was his role as a werewolf hunk in the record breaking Twilight film series that really set him apart.

He has been a part of some of the most successful films in recent memory, including the star studded romantic comedy Valentine’s Day (2010) and the star studded drama Abduction (2011). He has received critical acclaim for his performance in these and other films.

he is not a fan of the camera flash on his face, but the photo above is a worthy exception to this rule. The tweet containing the photo is accompanied by a side-by-side image of the two pictured, which clearly shows the alpaca’s obvious resemblance to the Twilight actor.

The resemblance may be thanks to his love of the martial art or the fact that he has a pet alpaca. The Twitter user who posted the image has even gone as far as merging the two pictures to create what looks like a hybrid.

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