Instant Colorful Tea Latte Kits

Instant Colorful Tea Latte Kits

Tea lovers in your life will appreciate a gift that’s both useful and beautiful, like these colorful instant colorful tea latte kits that allow them to create picture-worthy beverages from home using flavorful morsels that dissolve when heated with hot water and milk. Each set contains tea drops in matcha, golden (turmeric), pink flavors along with vanilla sugar cubes for sweetening as well as attractive garnishes like rose petals for an incredible experience!

Tazo’s convenient sampler box of tea blends gives tea-lovers the opportunity to sample an array of unique blends, along with five honey sticks for added sweetness. From Earl Grey, English Breakfast, White Berry and Matcha Green Teas – your tastebuds will appreciate its elegant presentation and delectable flavors!

Ember offers an intelligent mug to take their tea drinking to the next level: this smart mug keeps their beverage at just the perfect temperature for up to three hours, as well as customizable text. Plus, its ceramic material means it won’t crack or chip no matter how often they use it!

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