Bella Hadid Flintstone Costume

Bella Hadid Takes Her Fred Flintstone Costume to the Next Level

Bella Hadid is known to show off her incredible figure on the red carpet, but for Halloween she took things even further by dressing as Fred Flintstone from cartoon series “Fred and Friends.” The 23-year-old Vogue model flaunted her toned figure in an orange two piece featuring animal print with bones and blue ribbon tie around waist. Additionally she added earrings adorned with bones inspired by Fred’s cartoon character as well as chestpiece and skirt belt that was inspired by him – all in honour of Fred!

The model’s look was completed with a gender-fluid black wig that she styled into a short and spiky cropped look, adding white eye makeup for her smoky eyes and defined rosy cheeks as well as finishing off the ensemble with knee-high brown leather boots to complete it all.

Although Bella took home top honors with her costume this year, she certainly wasn’t the only celebrity who stole the show with their creative sartorial choices. Gigi Hadid donned an unmistakably Fred Flintstone-inspired look and impressed followers by sharing a viral full-length photo – she even rocked an equally stylish black wig to complete her look!

At this year’s Halloween festivities, several celebrities made waves with their costumes. Ciara and Normani recreated the iconic couple from their hit single “Dangerous,” Nina Dobrev donned Billie Eilish’s green roots and nails from Billie Eilish’s green nails look, Paris Hilton donned nurse garb while Heidi Klum donned an alien costume – although many of these looks require significant planning and skill to achieve!

TikTok users have pulled off some of the wildest costumes imaginable, with one user employing two friends to spray shaving cream onto her body while another donned a white dress while her sidekicks sprayed invisible fabric over her.

As Halloween nears, you may be considering what costume to wear this year. For inspiration, here are a few ideas: Dress as a witch, skeleton or glamorous beauty queen for some starter costume ideas that are sure to turn some heads at any Halloween party! Plus we also have easy DIY costume plans sure to turn some heads.

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