How To Pronounce Agreed

How to Pronounce Accorded Correctly

When speaking English, it’s essential to pronounce words correctly. This is especially true of contentious terms like agreed. Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong famously sang about words with different pronunciations such as tomato (to-mah-to?), potato (po-tah-to?), either/normative, pajamas and more – these can be difficult for beginners to learn but there are simple steps you can take to help ensure your pronunciation is perfected.

Pronunciation Tips:

To pronounce the word agreed, you need to use a quick flap of your tongue against the roof of your mouth – similar to the flap T between vowel and diphthong sounds. Make sure your tongue is tense and rising high when saying this word out loud; practice making this sound until you can produce it consistently. Record yourself saying it so you can hear mistakes clearly once you get used to pronouncing correctly!

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