Hocus Pocus Tsum Tsum

Hocus Pocus Tsum Tsum Collection From Disney

In addition to the iconic Disney characters, there’s a whole host of other goodies that make a visit to the park more enjoyable. The Hocus Pocus Tsum Tsum Collection is certainly no exception. This collection features the Sanderson sextet and a few other characters from the classic slasher flick. And, let’s not forget the cats!

The Hocus Pocus TsumTsum is a great way to start off the Halloween season. Aside from the fact that it’s one of the more durable and washable TsumTsums, the big draw is the sheer amount of goodies you can expect to receive. Specifically, this sexiest sexiest sexiest Hocus Pocus bag has an applique tarot charm that can be removed for display purposes or simply stored away. There’s also a nifty tarot-style mini tarot card inside the bag. With a retail price tag of around $249.99, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better deal. It’s also one of the newest of its kind. So, do yourself a favor and put it on your wish list today! Among other goodies, you’ll also receive a mini “TsumTsum” plush doll set, a soft fabric cauldron with the Hocus Pocus name on it, and a mini “TsumTsum” bag. Oh, and a nifty TsumTsum matching pair of shoes. You’ll probably be able to get your hands on all of them before the first of the horde runs out. For a family of four, you can expect to have one or two nights free! All in all, this is one of the most unique TsumTsums you’re likely to find on any given trip to the Magic Kingdom. Hopefully, you’ll find the time to enjoy it! Until then, be sure to visit Disney’s theme parks for some of the best Halloween treats on the planet!

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