Is Jess From Chesapeake Shores Pregnant

Is Jess From Chesapeake Shores Pregnant?

If you’re a fan of the Hallmark Channel series Chesapeake Shores, you may have wondered if the show’s star Laci J Mailey was pregnant. Her character, Jess, has been in a complicated relationship with her mother Megan (Barbara Niven), who has a child with another man.

During the show’s final season, Jess’ pregnancy was on the air. She told her boyfriend David that she was pregnant. She had always had mixed feelings about pregnancy. Then, she had a chance to make her decision. Although she was happy with her decision, she still had a difficult relationship with her mother.

On the Hallmark series, Laci J Mailey’s character Jess O’Brien was always conflicted about whether or not she wanted to be a parent. However, after the birth of her daughter, she gained a lot of weight. Fortunately, she was able to get in shape again after giving birth. When she announced her pregnancy, many fans believed she was expecting for the third time.

In fact, she was actually expecting for the second time, but she wasn’t. Several cast members were already expecting children. After filming the show’s final episodes, several of them welcomed new babies, including Meghan Ory and Emilie Ullerup.

During the filming of the sixth and final season, Meghan Ory had to deal with a medical condition called hyperemesis gravidarum. This is a form of debilitating nausea that can last for weeks. It’s usually caused by increased hormone levels in the first trimester.

Chesapeake Shores had a six-season run on the Hallmark Channel. While the series was filmed on Vancouver Island, the setting isn’t really real. But, the producers and writers did everything they could to incorporate pregnancy in the storyline.

According to producer Phoef Sutton, the showrunner, the news of the pregnancy was planned for the future. Even though Jess had no idea that she would become a mom, she was able to accept the proposal from David. As a result, the season ended on a happy note.

There were other actresses who were also pregnant during the show’s final season. Jessica Sipos and Abby Ory both had their first children, while Jesse Metcalfe and Keith Dinicol were expecting for the third time.

Fortunately, Laci J Mailey did not become pregnant for a third time while filming the show. Instead, she gave birth to her second child. Having her baby is an emotional experience for her. Throughout the show, Jess had a complicated relationship with her mother, which was especially difficult during pregnancy.

During the show’s final episode, Jess’s pregnancy was a moving moment. However, the team had no way of knowing if she was actually pregnant, or if she was just having a rough time with her pregnancy.

After the show ended, many of the actors and actresses had to deal with complications with their health. For instance, Meghan Ory revealed that she was dealing with COVID-19, which is a disorder caused by the rapid rise of hormones in the first trimester.

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