Helena Zengel Net Worth

Helena Zengel Net Worth – Get Great Discounts on Her Merchandise

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Acting career

Whether you’re looking for an actress who is a natural, or someone who’s been in the industry for a while, Helena Zengle is a great choice. Her portrayal of the neurotic and aggressive nine-year-old Benni in the film System Crasher has garnered the actress world-wide acclaim.

Helena started her acting career at the age of five, appearing in a music video for an alternative rock band. She’s since appeared in a series of television shows, including German television series ‘Die Spezialisten – Im Namen der Opfer’. She’s also appeared in several German films. She has a knack for figure skating, which has paid off as she’s won several figure skating competitions. She’s also a professional singer.

Helena was born on June 10, 2008, in Berlin. Her parents are Berlin-based musicians. Her mother is a radio DJ for the B2 radio network. She has a German acting agency. She also owns an Icelandic horse called Hekla.

Birth sign

Among the most famous German child actors is Helena Zengel, who has won several international awards. She made her debut in the film industry at the age of five, when she appeared in a music video for an alternative rock band in Berlin. She was nominated for a Screen Actors Guild Award and won a German Film Award for her role in System Crasher.

Helena Zengel was born in Berlin on June 10, 2008. Her parents are musicians and vocalists. Zengel’s mother, Anne Zengel, worked as a radio DJ for B2 radio network. She also studied at renowned universities in Germany. Her father, Helena Müller, worked as a professional vocalist.

Helena Zengel’s parents encouraged her to pursue an acting career. She appeared in several films made by students from film schools. She also appeared in a music video for Berlin band Abby. However, Helena Zengel did not have a strong command of English before she started her career in 2020’s News of the World.


Having started her career in the film industry at the age of five, German actress Helena Zengel has carved a niche for herself in the industry. Her acting skills have been recognized by the top directors in the Hollywood industry. She has been awarded several international awards for her roles. In addition, Zengel won the prestigious Deutscher filmpreis for her performance in the film News of the World. She also won the German Film Award for Best Leading Actress in April 2020.

Helena Zengel was born in Berlin, Germany. Her mother is a professional vocalist and radio jockey for B2 radio network. She has an Icelandic horse named Hekla.

Zengel’s parents encouraged her to pursue a career in acting. At the age of eight, she won a role in the film Die Tochter (The Daughter), which was produced by Mascha Schilinski. The movie received eight awards, including a Berlinale Special Prize, and Helena Zengel won two nominations. She was also nominated for Best Actress in Supporting Role at the German Film Awards.


Despite her young age, Helena Zengel has won a number of international awards. She is one of Hollywood’s rising stars and could be on the path to an Academy Award nomination.

Born in Berlin, Germany, Zengel has been acting since she was five. Her first major role was in the drama film System Crasher (2019). Zengel’s character, nine-year-old Benni, is traumatized and aggressive. She lashes out when anyone touches her face. This temperament is attributed to Benni’s childhood trauma. Zengel won the German Film Award for her performance in System Crasher and was nominated for the Screen Actors Guild Award.

Helena Zengel has starred in several projects made by film school students across Germany. She appeared in two episodes of the German television series Die Spezialisten – Im Namen der Opfer. She also appeared in the music video for the song “Streets” by Abbey.

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