Haven Door Lock Net Worth

Haven Door Lock Net Worth

Besides being a great way to add style and functionality to your home, a Haven door lock can increase your home’s security. There are many different types of haven door locks, so it’s important to know what type would work best for your home before you buy. The following article will cover some of the different types and their specifications.

Clay Banks

Despite not getting a deal from the Sharks, Haven Lock did get a boost in sales after they appeared on Shark Tank. It has since gone on to generate over $4 million in annual revenue.

Haven’s wedge lock replaces the typical deadbolt, and is designed to prevent break-ins. It is anchored to the floor of a home, and it can be controlled with a key fob. It can also be controlled remotely using a phone app.

Haven’s wedge lock was invented by Alex Bertelli, who was a decorated Special Operations Forces helicopter pilot. He served nine tours of duty in Afghanistan and noticed that locals were fortifying their homes with steel bars.

Bertelli’s experience in Afghanistan inspired him to create the HAVEN wedge lock. Bertelli is also the CEO of the Arrowhead Group, a company that specializes in economic development. Bertelli has been recognized with a Distinguished Flying Cross and a Bronze Star with Valor.

Alex Bertelli

During his military career, Alex Bertelli received several awards for his contributions to the Army’s Special Operations Aviation program. In addition to his accomplishments, he has also been awarded the Bronze Star with Valor.

In a nutshell, the Haven Lock is a mechanical lock that can be bolted to the bottom of a door using a key fob or Bluetooth. It is also remotely monitored using the Haven Lock Mobile App. Its latest addition, the HAVEN Connect, is Bluetooth enabled, and enables users to lock or unlock the device from anywhere in the world using a mobile app.

On top of its mechanical design, the company also offers an industrial grade nylon that is injection molded DelrinTM, as well as a 30” steel baseplate. It also includes a rubber and plastic gasket.

Annual revenue

Founded in 2014, Haven is a company that develops smart door locks and preventative access control technology. The company’s goal has always been to create jobs in the United States and to provide products that are durable and reliable.

Haven was founded by Clay Banks, who is a native of Nashville, Tennessee. Clay graduated from the University of Tennessee-Knoxville with a bachelor’s degree in communications and advertising. He worked as a regional director for the Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development. He has also co-founded three small businesses.

In addition to Haven, Banks also started Pure Life Industries. The company created new ways for consumers to interact with each other.

Haven Locks have been featured on Shark Tank’s Greatest of All Time Special in February 2020. The company’s owners explained how Haven Bluetooth Smart Locks work.

Business practices after Shark Tank

Whether you have already been in business for a while or you’re just starting out, there are a few business practices that can be learned from Shark Tank. These tips can help you boost your company’s success.

Getting a Shark to invest is a great way to build a network of experienced partners. But you don’t want to limit yourself to just financial terms.

The best pitch is the one that promotes you as an expert businessperson. This can be done through a compelling story about your dedication and ability to take on business initiatives. You can also build a solid advisory board to increase your opportunities.

The best valuation of a company considers the revenue, earnings multiple and intangibles such as experience, supply chains and retail outlets.

Product specifications

Currently, Haven is an American company based in Franklin, Tennessee, which sells smart locks for homes. The company was founded in 2014 by two Special Operations veterans, Alex Bertelli and Clay Banks.

Alex Bertelli served as a special operations helicopter pilot for the Army. He has received numerous awards, including a Bronze Star with Valor and Air Medal with Valor. Bertelli served eight years in the Army, and was deployed to Afghanistan nine times. After leaving the military, Bertelli met Clay Banks, a Nashville native and business entrepreneur.

Bertelli had been on duty overseas, and noticed locals fortifying their homes with steel bars. He developed the HavenLock concept while he was overseas, and incorporated a standard three-bar method into the design.

He has been awarded the Bronze Star with Valor, Air Medal with Valor, and Distinguished Flying Cross. Bertelli also served eight years in the Army, where he was a Special Operations helicopter pilot.

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