Harry’s Bar Lake Como

Harry’s Bar in Lake Como

Harry’s Bar has become an iconic venue, due to both its history and the many celebrities that frequent it. Opened in 1921 and designated a National Landmark in 2001, this famous cafe still remains the most visited cafe in Venice and Italy overall. It has an intimate charm; guests seem to know each other instantly upon visiting, creating that club-like ambiance characteristic of Europe’s finest cafes. Specialities served on plates at Harry’s include their famed Bellini drink and Carpaccio steak dish!

Giuseppe Cipriani has given this historic establishment two dishes that stand out as true “jewels,” each created from his creativity. The first one features thin slices of beef tenderloin marinated in mayonnaise, Worcester sauce, lemon, milk and salt and pepper before being sprinkled with an unique sauce called Universal (so named because it can be used both with meat and fish) which then sprinkles onto it to top off its finish with some lemon juice dabs for a touch of citrus tanginess.

The world-famous Bellini cocktail created by its owner is synonymous with this establishment. Hernest Hemingway would visit regularly during winter to drink a Dry Martini (a more potent variation that mixes Gin with Extra Dry Martini). Nowadays, this version of this drink can be found as an homage to one of America’s greatest writers.

Gastronomically, the restaurant is best known for its fresh pasta dishes featuring spinach, pumpkin and mushroom fillings. Ample terrace space overlooking the water makes dining al fresco an attractive option, making this spot popular with both tourists and local residents.

If you want to experience some of the exquisite cuisine available at this renowned restaurant, it is advised that you visit early, since lunch time tends to be very crowded. Although prices can be somewhat costly, you will enjoy some of the city’s most delicious food offerings.

Lake Como may be known for its grand stately hotels and classic villas, but recently has also seen an influx of A-list visitors with some groundbreaking openings. Luxury interior designer Maurizio Pellizzoni who hails from Lake Como shares his knowledge to reveal some hidden gems within this stunning destination.

Apart from its idyllic surroundings, one of the main draws to this region is its delicious cuisine. Home to numerous restaurants serving everything from molecular cuisine to classic Italian dishes – Michelin star restaurant set on an idyllic waterfront square is a must for foodies of any kind; George and Amal Clooney frequently dine there too, enjoying fresh ingredients including their favorite lemon ravioli dish!

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