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Hank Baskett III, NFL Wide Receiver, Makes a Major Commitment to Ending Lung Cancer

The family of NFL wide receiver Hank Baskett III is making a major commitment to helping end lung cancer. His father was diagnosed with the disease in 2011. He is now on a personalized treatment regimen, thanks to a doctor he met at a charity golf tournament.

In addition to his work as a spokesperson for the Bonnie J. Addario Lung Cancer Foundation (ALCF), Hank is also a member of the Griffin Gives Foundation, a non-profit organization that supports active-duty military and their families.

At the beginning of his diagnosis, Hank was told he had six to eight months to live. However, targeted oral therapy saved his life. It eased the side effects of chemo, and ultimately stopped his cancer in its tracks.

After undergoing X-rays and CAT scans, the doctors discovered a lung tumor. Dr. Camidge, who works at the University of Colorado Cancer Center, ran a molecular test on the tumor. When he found the cancer was “ALK-positive,” he put Baskett on a personalized treatment regime.

Since the treatment, Baskett has made regular trips from Clovis, New Mexico, to the University of Colorado Cancer Center in Denver. He is now focused on his important projects. In March, the United Way of Eastern New Mexico honored Baskett with a Lifetime Achievement Award.

In January, he and his wife filed for divorce. But they are not giving up on their love for each other. They continue to support their children and share a rare photo from their Hawaiian vacation.

In December, Little Hank celebrated his seventh birthday. He wants to have a girl when he grows up. He now attends school and has improved his vocabulary. He is socially aware and is growing up every day.

Baskett’s relationship with ALCF dates back to a charity golf tournament in Los Angeles. He met Bonnie J. Addario, founder of the ALCF, and was put in touch with Dr. Ross Camidge, MD, PhD.

In addition to partnering with the Addario Lung Cancer Foundation, Baskett will be the official spokesperson for the organization at its annual gala in November. The organization is one of the leading charities fighting the disease.

He and his wife have two children: Alijah, who was born seven years ago, and Little Hank. Kendra thinks parents shelter their children too much these days, but she and Baskett have made a conscious effort to make sure their kids know how important they are.

Last year, Draft lost his wife to lung cancer. Despite losing his wife, he has continued to work with the LCF to help fight this debilitating disease. As a former NFL player, he is well-versed in the issue and he is working to raise awareness of the leading killer in the U.S.

On his birthday this year, Baskett will be raising money to help fight lung cancer. He will be appearing at the ALCF 5k charity run in November.

Although Hank’s cancer has not spread, he is still on a daily pill. His new physician re-tested the tumor and found it is “ALK-positive.” Now, Hank is on a personalized treatment regime that is working for him.

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