Guzzle Buddy Net Worth 2021

Guzzle Buddy Net Worth 2021

Inventors Jennifer Sullivan and Randy Rothfus developed the Guzzle Buddy wine glass after watching an old sitcom. They noticed the character in the show was able to drink wine directly from the bottle, without corks or glasses. This was the gimmick they were after, and they wanted to replicate it.

This patented wine glass can attach to a wine bottle and screw into the top. Unlike the cheesy wine glasses that you may have seen on TV or in stores, the Guzzle Buddy allows you to drink from the bottle instead of pouring. It’s also unbreakable. It’s made from borosilicate glass, a material that is tough and incredibly durable.

The Guzzle Buddy wine glass was first showcased on Shark Tank in January 2018. The pair of entrepreneur sisters, Jennifer Sullivan and Randy Rothfus, pitched the product to investors, and earned a $400,000 deal in exchange for a 10 percent stake in the business.

The product was a hit, and the co-creators were able to sell thousands of units in a matter of days. After a successful appearance on the television show, the pair decided to make the device available to the public. Their product was inspired by the television series Cougar Town, which saw the departure of a beloved red-wine glass called Big Joe.

The “Guzzle Buddy” is a patented wine glass that attaches to the top of a bottle of wine. It’s a clever way to make wine drinking easier and more enjoyable. It’s a bit of a novelty item, but it’s still a hit.

As far as the actual design goes, the Guzzle Buddy was born after two or three years of testing and trial. The creators worked with a manufacturer to customize the device, and the results were impressive. It is now available in plastic as well as a borosilicate version. It sold out in just three days.

The most important part of the story is that the Guzzle Buddy is now a profitable business. The company is now able to earn $1 to $2 million in revenue each year, making the company’s net worth $3,000,000. The product has been marketed in stores nationwide, and sales have soared.

The Guzzle Buddy is only one of many beverage related products that are sold by the company. The makers of the Guzzle Buddy are hoping to continue the viral hype that has made the product a hit. They have also created a series of beer and food related products. They hope that their invention will be a hit, and help them build their net worth over the next few years.

The Guzzle Buddy was a fun gimmick to create, but it was the wine bottle that really got them on the right track. The product has become a hit in the media, and has helped the duo earn millions of dollars. Their net worth will increase in the near future, and they are currently working on a music career.

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