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Love During Lockup Season 5 Review

Love During Lockup focuses on a character named Louie and the highs and lows of living on the inside. The show, which is produced by Louis C.K., has already received mainstream accolades for its humor. It was a contender for best new show of 2011, a Time award, and was rated the best television show of the year by the New York Times.

In season four, we see the evolution of the love and relationships in the show. We also get a peek at how much Louie has improved over the course of the series. He’s been able to learn about himself, grow and try new things. This is especially true when it comes to his relationship with Pamela. She’s the first woman in his life to really make him believe that he can be happy and that he deserves a second chance.

For example, he tries his hand at makeup. This is a big deal, and one of the most impressive experiments in the show. Whether he succeeds or not, it’s a good indicator that makeup has evolved from being a cosmetic to being a revelatory.

One of the most exciting aspects of the show is watching Louie learn about himself, especially when it comes to his relationships. In Season 5, he takes his relationship with Pamela to the next level.

When the two meet, Louie tells her about his upbringing and about his first marriage. He hasn’t forgotten his first wife and he blames himself for their divorce. On the flipside, he’s had the good fortune of making friends with some of his former wives, including Pamela. But he’s not the first person to make Pamela realize that he’s not what she thought he was.

While it’s not always easy to watch a man suffer through a long period of isolation, there’s still some hope. In the upcoming special, “Louie and the Wedding of the Century,” we’ll see how the two will eventually tie the knot. There will also be a lot of new details about their marriage and Louie’s role in the wedding.

The show is a little bit of a mashup, but the oh-so-important storyline in the episode, revolving around Pamela’s makeover of Louie, is actually fairly well thought out. Throughout the show, we’ve seen that Pamela is just as guilty of paternalistic overreach as Louie.

While it may be too early to determine what the season will have in store, the show’s biggest highlight will most likely be its conclusion. Watching Louie and Pamela come together will be a treat for fans of the show. And if you want to get a taste of their story, check out the clip below. Hopefully this will be the beginning of a great new relationship for both of them.

Overall, the newest episode of Love During Lockup is a nice touchstone for a show that has gotten better with every episode. If you’re still not a fan, it’s probably not because of the lack of romance.

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