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Why You Shouldn’t Have an Elf on the Shelf

The Elf on the Shelf is a beloved tradition in many households. Kids enjoy searching for their elf each morning, while parents get creative with hiding spots and other creative gimmicks.

The elf is a fictional character who observes children’s behaviors and reports back to Santa. This small figurine comes with its own book, telling the tale of a scout elf who helps Santa monitor household chores.

Some parents enjoy the idea of having a scout elf around to monitor their child’s behavior, while others find it adds an unnecessary extra layer of pressure. Whether it’s time or simply the amount of effort put into creating elaborate scenarios for your elf, there are plenty of reasons why you might want to opt out of this trend.

Some scout elves may cause havoc while in your household, such as taking a bubble bath or playing dress-up with doll clothes. While these activities can be amusing, they also tend to create some mess which requires cleaning up afterward.

Hide Your Elf in Different Locations Each Night

The Elf on the Shelf game requires creativity and imagination, but it’s essential that you hide your elf somewhere safe. After all, there could be serious injuries if not placed safely away from children’s reach. So be sure to position him away from their reach so he’s out of harm’s way.

Scout Elves Return to the North Pole Each Year

Every Christmas, scout elves return to the North Pole where they report their findings to Santa. After spending the day hiding, they return home in the evening to share what they observed about your children with Santa.

Your scout elf’s job is to monitor your children, report any good behaviors to Santa and return them to the North Pole on Christmas Eve with presents for them. But if they aren’t behaving, the scout elf will leave your home for the holidays without ever being seen again.

You’re sure to find plenty of creative elf ideas online, so be sure to explore Pinterest and other websites for some great suggestions. Your elf could sit at your computer keyboard writing an email, or put them in cupboards where it might appear that they’re raiding candy from the stash!

If your elf becomes too mischievous or starts messing up your decorations, you can always purchase a replacement at the store. This will guarantee that your beloved little helper continues to bring joy during your holiday season.

The elf is a beloved holiday tradition for families of all ages. It’s an easy way to get into the Christmas spirit and teach children kindness towards one another.

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