Dr Monica Shah Family Karma

Dr Monica Shah and Family Karma Star Brian Benni

Family Karma is a reality show that follows three generations of Indian families who immigrated to America. It chronicles their daily lives in Miami, Florida.

Bravo’s most popular show is Young Indian Americans and it’s easy to understand why. This real-life look into a group of young Indian Americans living in Miami provides plenty of laughs.

Season 2 of “Family Karma” welcomes some new faces – Dr. Monica Shah being one of them.

The newly arrived is a rheumatology fellow-physician and model. She’s close friends with Brian Benni, as evidenced by their frequent hanging out together recently.

She was a beauty pageant winner, winning the Miss India Florida crown in 2014. Additionally, she finished as the runner-up at the Miss India USA contest.

Her parents are doctors, and they founded a scholarship for medical students at The Warren Alpert Medical School with the hope that their investment in young people will enable them to create an army of physicians who can use their education to make improvements in the world.

They make an adorable couple. They have many friends together and often spend time together. Additionally, they love to travel – recently going to Paris together!

It is no shock that they are in a relationship, as they have been an integral part of each other’s lives for some time now. Although not particularly active on social media, they do follow each other and occasionally like each other’s posts.

They reportedly began dating six months before shooting for the second season of “Family Karma,” with their birthdays falling on October. Thus, we can estimate they have been together for one or more years at this point.

Brian Benni of ‘Family Karma’ has begun a new relationship with Monica.

When he began dating Monica Vaswani, his best friend from childhood, he expressed romantic feelings for her but she declined. It appears now that this arrangement has ended and they no longer share a relationship.

As the new season of ‘Family Karma’ began to air, viewers were delighted to see Brian Benni move on with another Monica. He’s now engaged to Dr. Monica Shah – a Tampa-based doctor and beauty model who also practices rheumatology as part of her practice.

Her parents are doctors, and she’s an old friend of Brian Benni whom she’s known for some time now. Both characters have unique personalities, making her a delight to observe in action.

She’s a kind and loyal friend to Brian Benni. They share many interests, like traveling – they even went to France together!

Her parents are doctors, and she has a close friend in Brian Benni whom she enjoys spending time with. She’s an affable individual, and her friends have been nothing but supportive throughout the years.

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