Does Kelly From 90 Day Have A Daughter

Does Kelly From 90 Day Have a Daughter?

Kelly and Molly met during season 1 of 90 Day Fiance, but their relationship has since been fraught with difficulties. Kelly was even accused of choke-slamming Olivia back in 2022.

Molly had high hopes that Kelly wouldn’t resemble Luis Mendez from their first encounter, but things didn’t quite turn out that way. On the latest episode of 90 Day Fiance: Molly’s Single Life, LiviRae Lingerie owner Molly discovered that Kelly has been keeping something from her that could potentially put an end to their relationship. Molly wasn’t pleased when Kelly revealed a secret about himself to Molly and believes this could spell doom for their romance.

Molly and Kelly appear to be having issues regarding children. Molly has made clear to Kelly on multiple occasions that she does not wish for more biological children, having her tubes tied at an early age so as to prevent any further pregnancies despite wanting them if possible.

However, Kelly has always insisted on having children in his future and Molly is unhappy about it. So she sneaks around his social media and discovers a picture of an eight-year-old girl that looks just like him and fears if Kelly found out, he might leave her.

Kelly eventually convinces Molly that the child isn’t his, and they have an important conversation about their future together. Kelly assures Molly that he won’t treat her like his previous partners did and that they will treat each other with the respect they deserve; this makes Molly feel better, yet she still doesn’t wish for any children in her life.

Kelly and Molly have been enjoying time together in New York City while working on their business venture together. Molly has shared posts from New York on Instagram, showing how grateful she is that she and Kelly found each other. Molly also thanked Discovery+ and TLC for giving them the platform to showcase their journey together.

Molly and Kelly may continue their arguments about having children, yet it seems they may be headed toward separation. At 45, it may not be in Molly’s best interests to become pregnant again at such an advanced age when she already has two kids to care for.

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