Derica W. Rice Wife

Derica W Rice Wife

Derica W Rice Wife is an esteemed American Business executive. She earned an MBA degree from Indiana University and serves on various public company boards. She most recently served as Executive Vice President, Global Services and Chief Financial Officer for CVS Health, an innovative pharmaceutical corporation with a diverse product portfolio. Ms. Clymer began working at Lilly as an International Treasury Associate. He held multiple roles at Lilly during his 27-year tenure, including director, global services for medical devices; finance director for United States operations; general manager of Lilly Canada and CFO of European operations in London. Additionally, he served on both Lilly Executive Committee and Operations Committees.

Rice has received several professional and personal honors during her distinguished career, both professional and personal. She is a member of the National Academy of Sciences as well as being honored as an IEEE Fellow. Additionally, in addition to working at Lilly she serves on boards including those for The Walt Disney Company and Target Corp.

Rice and her husband are highly engaged in philanthropy. Recently, they donated $1 Million to Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business to establish a fellowship program for minority MBA students as part of The Consortium (a national program among 20 universities dedicated to increasing diversity in business education).

The couple credits The Consortium with opening doors to their success and hopes their gift will enable more minority students to realize their goals. Their gift will establish the Rice Consortium Fellows Program, funding two first-year and two second-year students each year who meet eligibility requirements of The Consortium and award fellowships on merit basis.

No Hollywood studio holds more of an influence over box office returns than The Walt Disney Company, and its films appear set to surpass any competition this year with six movies eligible for billion-dollar status slated by Disney alone.

At large pharmaceutical companies, executive departures tend to be low-key affairs. Departures are usually announced quietly through press releases or earnings call accolades which thank executives for their service while offering well wishes as they move into another role or retirement. That was not the case with Joshua Smiley of Lilly who announced his decision to leave as chief financial officer in June 2017.

Derica Rice was appointed Derica Smiley’s successor and promoted to executive vice president of global services and CFO upon taking his role at Lilly. Over 27 years, he has seen Lilly through various transitions. As well as leading an ongoing global services design project and corporate services strategy implementation project, Rice is also an advocate of diversity and inclusion, serving on Bristol Myers Squibb Company board committees including audit, compensation and management development committee.

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