Cody Bellinger Jackie Robinson

Cody Bellinger – Rookie of the Year by the Jackie Robinson Foundation

If you’ve watched Dodgers games, you’ve likely noticed Cody Bellinger. He is one of the best players in the MLB. The Dodgers drafted him in the fourth round of the 2013 amateur draft. As a rookie, he was named Rookie of the Year by the Jackie Robinson Foundation. Despite being only a slick second baseman, he has become a force in the National League. In his first 114 games, he has hit 23 home runs and 65 RBI.

Matt Kemp was also a great rookie. Not only did he break the team’s rookie record of 36 home runs, but he became the fastest player in Dodger history to reach double-digits in home runs. His 39 homers set the rookie record for most in the National League.

When it came to the postseason, the Dodgers were a strong team. However, the team didn’t have the ability to overcome the Boston Red Sox in the Division Series. Despite winning 10 of their next 12 games, the Dodgers lost five games to the Red Sox. They then lost to the San Diego Padres in the NLDS. This was the shortest postseason run in franchise history.

It’s no surprise that Cody Bellinger was one of the top prospects in the game when he arrived in Los Angeles in 2014. After he made his MLB debut, he became the 23rd player in Major League Baseball to have a batting average of at least.400. During his time with the Dodgers, he has been instrumental in helping the team to a World Series title. Since his call up, he has hit 10 home runs.

Besides his batting average, Cody Bellinger has also been a major force on the field defensively. His defensive runs saved totaled 19. One of the best defensive players in the league, Cody led the Dodgers’ defense with a 0.98 ERA and 29 saves. Throughout the season, Cody played well against right-handed hitters.

For the World Series, Cody Bellinger was expected to play in left field. Although he did, he was only 1 for 3 with a walk. But he improved his OPS+ to 78.

The Dodgers were in first place going into the postseason. However, they didn’t have a good start to the series. The Rockies defeated the Dodgers in a single-game playoff. And when the Dodgers returned, they were unable to find a solution for the aforementioned problem. With Matt Kemp having been injured for the first three games of the postseason, it was up to Cody Bellinger to carry the team. Fortunately, the Dodgers did their part, and the team fought back.

Although the team didn’t have a great performance in the World Series, it didn’t do much to affect the future. In fact, Matt Kemp was only 3-for-22 with a home run in the World Series. While he didn’t have a huge impact, the Dodgers still went on to win the World Series.

The Dodgers had a solid start to the season, but the team was slowed by Coronavirus. Consequently, the season was shortened. During the month of April, the Dodgers’ strikeout rate was lower than usual. However, Gonzalez had a very good month. He hit 5 homers and had 12 RBI in his first six games.

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