Charm Of Soul Pets

Hallownest Charm of Soul Pets – Quick Slash

Soul Pets exist within a magical universe where plants, demons, elements and ghosts coexist together in perfect harmony and all interact with one another in interesting ways. Chu Mu has owned various strange beasts as his soul pets since Chu first had one as a cub: Mutated Cub and Evil Flamed Six-tailed Demon Fox are just two examples among many. All of them coexist harmoniously within its realm of wonder that connects them all together as living beings; all interacting harmoniously within it all!

It is a world in which strength reigns supreme and those with talent have the chance to become soul pet trainers, forging soul pacts with these creatures that fight on their behalf. A trainer may command his or her animal to do as desired.

Hallownest offers many magical charms, with Quick Slash being one of them. This Charm increases damage output of Knight’s Nails for three Charm Notches to equip and does not stack with Nail Arts increases in damage output.

To obtain this Charm, players should visit Joni’s Blessing in Howling Cliffs near Blue Child Joni’s grave site and step carefully onto it when visiting it – this grave will rumble when touched, leading players down an underground passage towards right until reaching a sarcophagus housing this Charm.

Chu Mu is known to possess an extremely peaceful, arrogant, and perceptive personality as well as being extremely kind to soul pets. When pursuing his goals he can be persistent; during his time on Prison Island he learned even more unyielding tactics for reaching them.

This massive creature spread its cyan wings across the sky and caused earth-wide shaking, terrorizing helpless children afar who could do nothing but cower in fear! Even experienced soul pet trainers became fearful when faced with its terrifying presence!

Chu Mu’s army could do nothing to cause even one feather of Chu Mu to go flying! With such delicate feathers, even full strength attacks could hardly register an impactful blow against them! Eventually they were so powerful that nothing even remotely threatened to bring one down!

Chu Mu stood up, determined to capture this creature at all costs! No matter the odds or how unlikely their task seemed. He had spent years collecting Monument Tears; now it was time for them to help capture a legendary beast! As a soul pet trainer it was his destiny: becoming the King of Soul Pets!

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